It helps to have a California Social Security disability attorney on your side

Sometimes people are hesitant to see a lawyer because they are afraid that they cannot afford it. However, you do not pay lawyer fees unless and until you get a disability award. Getting some early advice and help can be very comforting. Don’t hold back at talking to an experienced California Social Security lawyer about how to deal with the Social Security Administration.

The Social Security disability benefit process is complicated

Filing the initial application for Social Security disability benefits is relatively easy, and many people do that part on their own, without a lawyer. Unfortunately, most disability benefit applications are denied and it becomes necessary to appeal to an Administrative Law Judge.At that point the Social Security process can become very confusing. The Social Security disability regulations are extremely extensive and detailed, with many technical definitions. The judge will use a five step sequential evaluation process and each step in that process is important and complex.

Statistics show that having a Social Security disability lawyer improves the chances of getting Social Security disability benefits

A study by the Social Security Administration Inspector General has concluded that Social Security disability claimants who are represented by a Social Security disability lawyer are more likely to receive an award of disability benefits than claimants who are not represented by a lawyer.There are probably several reasons for this. The primary ones might be that:

  • Social Security disability lawyers know what information the Social Security Administration is looking for, and they know how to get it and present it in the best way.
  • Social Security disability lawyers can work with their clients to prepare them to testify in a way that makes them effective and credible so that a Judge can understand how their disability prevents them from working.

A Social Security disability lawyer can help in a variety of ways

A Social Security disability lawyer will analyze your particular case, and make various decisions about how best to prove that your disability qualifies you for Social Security benefits. Every case is different, but some of the common tasks that an experienced California Social Security disability attorney might do for you are:

  • Check that the Social Security Administration has the records and information that it needs, and that everything is up to date.
  • Talk to your doctors or therapists. Their reports to the Social Security Administration are very important, and a lawyer may want to make sure that these people understand what type of information the Social Security Administration needs.
  • Prepare you for your appeal hearing. This hearing is important, but since it is an unusual experience for most people it can be uncomfortable. However, with good preparation you will do much better.
  • Select and prepare witnesses to testify in support of your claim. These witnesses might be your friends or family members or co-workers, and they can help your claim by explaining how your impairment prevents you from working.

When should you get a Social Security disability attorney?

A California Social Security disability attorney can become involved at any point, either by helping you prepare the application or coming in later if the application is denied.

Help is available from a San Diego Social Security disability lawyer

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