Testifying Most Effectively

The best testimony provides lots of detailed information about specific incidents the witness observed. Ideally, the testimony tells anecdotes that illustrate other similar situations. An experienced San Diego disability lawyer can help you and your witnesses testify most effectively.The following examples explain the difference between effective and ineffective testimony. For example, if a husband is testifying about his wife’s breathing problems he might testify as follows:Ineffective testimony: My wife has emphysema.Effective testimony: My wife sits on the couch watching television most of the day. Of course, sometimes she has to get up to go to the restroom, which is about 20 feet away from the couch. When she returns, she is gasping for breath after walking that short distance. It takes her a few minutes to catch her breath.This sample testimony is effective because the witness provided more than just a conclusion (“My wife has emphysema”). The witness provided details which illustrate to the judge that the claimant has severe breathing problems. A diagnosis of the breathing problem is not necessary at this point, whether it is emphysema, asthma, or tuberculosis. The judge can establish the exact diagnosis after all the evidence has been presented.In another example, if a witness is testifying about her son’s epilepsy, she might testify as follows:Ineffective testimony: My son has epilepsy.This testimony is too conclusive and is probably based on what a doctor told the witness. It may not even be correct. The son’s seizures may be caused by a brain syndrome rather than from epilepsy.Effective testimony: According to his doctor, my son has grand mal epilepsy. He suffers from shaking and convulsions; he collapses, bites his tongue, loses consciousness, and his muscles get stiff. When he comes to about a half an hour later, he is confused and nauseous. He isn’t back to normal until he takes a nap for a few hours. I have seen this happen about ten times in the last two years.This sample testimony is effective because it provides details to the judge. It is more likely to convince the judge that the claimant suffers from a serious seizure disorder, regardless of the actual diagnosis.If you have a disability claim, contact the San Diego disability lawyers.


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